Sequoia Hospital Pavilion, Redwood City, CA

Sq. Ft: new 162,730   renovation  55,000
Project Cost: $255 million
Architect: Moon Mayoras Architects, San Diego
Interior Design: Brandt Design Group
Services Provided: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Furniture Planning Services, Signage Concept, Artwork Selection/Installation Coordination
Client/Owner: Dignity Health Hospital Corporation
Glenna Vaskelis, CEO (now retired)
General Contractor: Hunt Construction (now AECOM)

Sequoia Hospital Pavilion

New 4 story patient tower Pavilion addition includes 104 patient rooms, new dining room, remodel of existing wing included new main lobby, administration department, conference rooms, and remodeled kitchen. The new hospital will transfer services from the outdated, 50-year-old facilities and enhance Sequoia Hospital’s current technologies, including diagnostics, surgical intervention, medical and critical care, and information technology.  State-of-the-art facility will provide innovative and exceptional health care to the southern San Mateo County community.

One thought on “Sequoia Hospital Pavilion – Redwood City, CA

  1. loved healing garden!

    took the noise and the memory of traffic right
    away; drove all the way from SF, lured by the skill and
    kindness of cardiac surgeon, Dr. Luis Castro.

    The garden! The doctor!

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