Hospital Interior Design 


Brandt Design Groups focus and passion is driven by creating functional, safe and healing environments within healthcare facilities – from acute care hospitals to clinics and all building types in between. These services consider the unique requirements and challenges of healthcare settings to optimize patient care, staff efficiency, and overall wellness for all. We collaborate with healthcare professionals, executive level management and architects to assist in developing spaces that help promote cleanliness, infection control, privacy and comfort. We carefully plan appropriate flow and function – from waiting areas, consultation rooms, nursing stations, patient rooms and specialized care areas. Appropriate materials, finishes and furnishings that are hygienic, durable and easily maintainable are top priority. We incorporate wayfinding elements, comforting color schemes, appropriate lighting and access to nature to create a healing and supportive environment for patients, families, friends and staff.

  • Patient-centered design approach
  • Functional and efficient space planning
  • Integration of infection control measures
  • Selection of durable and easy-to-clean materials
  • Implementation of calming and soothing color schemes
  • Optimal lighting design for different areas and tasks
  • Incorporation of ergonomic and accessible elements
  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals and stakeholders
  • Integration of advanced technology and medical equipment into the design process

The ultimate goal is to enhance the overall patient experience, facilitate effective medical care and contribute to the well being of all who enter the healthcare facility.