Retirement Community Interior Design 


Our Interior Design Services for retirement communities focus on creating welcoming, functional and age-friendly environments that cater to the needs and preferences of older adults. Our designers collaborate closely with community operators, developers and residents to create spaces that promote comfort, safety and a sense of community. Design solutions will integrate features such as spacious common areas, comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, easy-to-navigate layouts, and accessibility in all spaces. We pay attention to incorporating soothing color schemes for aging eyes, appropriate acoustics and restful furnishings that accommodate mobility challenges and provide ergonomic support. We also consider including amenities like fitness centers, recreational areas, dining rooms and social spaces that encourage connection, interaction and engagement.

  • Creating age-friendly and accessible interior spaces
  • Incorporating comfortable and supportive furnishings
  • Designing spacious and well-lit common areas
  • Implementing appropriate color schemes and materials for a calming atmosphere
  • Ensuring ease of navigation and clear wayfinding throughout the community
  • Designing functional and ergonomic kitchens and dining areas
  • Incorporating amenities that promote social interaction and engagement

The overall goal is to create spaces that enhance the quality of life for residents, foster a sense of belonging, and support the diverse needs and lifestyles of older adults in a vibrant, gracious setting.